The Division of Operations and Finance at Iowa State University encompasses a broad range of departments and units, all working collaboratively to advance the university’s goals. Several committees have been formed with division leadership and oversight to achieve these goals. Here’s how they contribute:

1. Safety and Accountability: Committees ensure safety protocols are followed across campus facilities. They oversee compliance with regulations, maintain fiscal responsibility, and promote transparency.

2. Customer-Focused Services: These committees focus on delivering exceptional services to students, faculty, and staff. Their goal is to enhance the overall experience for the university community.

3. Stewardship of Resources: Committees within the division manage physical and financial resources efficiently. They allocate budgets, maintain facilities, and optimize resource utilization to support academic and research endeavors.

4. Aesthetic Experiences: Some committees work on enhancing the campus environment. They contribute to landscaping, architectural design, and other aesthetic aspects that enrich the university experience for everyone.

5. Compliance and Partnerships: Committees ensure adherence to fiscal and regulatory requirements. Additionally, they foster partnerships with the local community, other institutions, and industry stakeholders.

In summary, these committees play a pivotal role in advancing Iowa State University’s mission by ensuring safety, providing excellent services, managing resources, enhancing aesthetics, and maintaining compliance. Their collaborative efforts contribute to the overall success of the university.